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Cracking the Scope 3 problem for large companies with a new technology to decarbonise assets and unlock commercial value

Our Vision

We're changing how companies reduce their Scope 3 Emissions

Companies are under enormous pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and report on their achievements.

But measuring and reducing Scope 3 emissions -- the emissions in a company's value chain -- is notoriously complex, expensive, and slow.

We give companies a simpler, faster, and more cost-effective way to work with their supply chain to make large reductions in their Scope 3 emissions.

Track. Reduce. Repeat.

ImpactLoop helps companies decarbonise their equipment supply chain by making it easy and cost-effective for all players to take action.


Our technology tracks your high-carbon equipment across the asset lifecycle, and offers you one-click decarbonisation options with clear business value.

Your Sustainability Partner.
From Start to Finish.

We can help you wherever you are in your product decarbonisation journey

I'm buying new equipment.
How can I run a more sustainable procurement?

  • How can I easily get comparable sustainability data at both supplier and product level, so I can factor sustainability credentials into my procurement decision-making?

  • How can I encourage, measure, reward and report on real action on product sustainability within my entire supply chain? 

  • How can I quantify the financial benefit of more sustainable decisions? 

I'm responsible for disposing of equipment when it reaches End of Life. How can I make more sustainable choices?

  • How can I more easily understand the carbon and financial impact of my choices in equipment reuse, parts harvesting, resale, charity donation and waste disposal -- for each piece of equipment? 

  • Once I've made my decision, how can I ensure the equipment is dealt with responsibly? 

  • How do I manage this process easily across multiple sites and geographies? 

  • How can I quantify the financial benefit of more sustainable decisions? 

I manufacture equipment for my customers. How can I make product sustainability decisions that my customers see, value, and reward?

  • How can I showcase my product-level environmental credentials to my customers during the procurement stage?

  • How can I get product-level usage data that helps me make more effective choices at the design, manufacturing and transport stages, both reducing carbon and increasing my product efficiency in actual use?  

  • How can I quantify the financial benefit of more sustainable decisions?


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